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I was thinking about killing myself….

“Before I started to the therapy in Derman everything was different. I was depressed. Apart from my son I was not in contact with anybody else. I was thinking about killing myself. Through therapy sessions at Derman, I learned how to connect with people again. My dialogues with my children improved a lot. I have been on and off from therapy for six years but none of them helped me like this. I have learned new techniques and strategies. I did not know Derman before and I am glad that I have used the service.”


August 31st, 2017 by Servis Kullanıcı, Erkek / 62

Derman services are invaluable

“I have been working with Derman’s advocates for some time now and I find the service they provide invaluable. It is impossible for me, in the 10 minutes I have with each patient, to take on their case and help with the multitude of forms, signposting etc. that they need particularly when they don’t speak English. I find that many of my Turkish speaking patients they come to me as their GP because they don’t know where else to go and with social services cuts they are increasingly unlikely to find any support from that avenue. I know that Derman’s advocates/support workers will take on their case and help them to navigate the intricacies of a system that is difficult to navigate even if English is your first language.

We simply don’t have the resources within the practice to telephone people or fill in forms on behalf of our patients who don’t have English as a first language and therefore it is necessary to have Derman’s services such as Advocacy, Counselling, Advice and Community Navigation services available to us.

 I have also seen that many of my Turkish speaking patients their considerable Mental Ill Health burden is often, at least in part, secondary to their social and financial problems and if these are not resolved I have no hope of resolving their Mental Illness with tablets or even talking therapy. I therefore see the services Derman provide as being completely integral to the medical treatment of my patients.”

August 15th, 2017 by Mahalle Doktoru, Barton House Practice, Hackney

I am so glad Derman is there for us

“We visited The Royal Botanic Gardens with the handcart group. It was a beautiful trip. For the first time I felt like I was doing something for myself and left all my problem and difficulties behind for a  day. I would like to thank Derman for this opportunity.  I am so glad Derman is there for us.”

June 15th, 2017 by Servis Kullanıcı, Kadın / 52

Counselling is for everybody who needs support and feel listened…

“I had my first experience of counselling this year. I wished to get this support before but I used to think that counselling for people who are not normal. I was wrong. Counselling is for everybody who needs support and feel listened. Thank you to Derman who gave me this opportunity.  It is the best decision I have ever made for my own benefit.”

August 31st, 2016 by Servis Kullanıcı, Kadın / 35

I even attempted to commit suicide…

“My depression started in 1999 and I received some help at that time. Since 2005 I was like a living dead, I even attempted to commit suicide. After I started counselling I started to see improvements in me, I started to feel better. If I could have continued with my counselling, I think I would have been possible to stop the medication (which only numbs me) I have been taking for the last 11 years.”


May 10th, 2015 by Servis Kullanıcı, Kadın / 39

Because of counselling I am able to stand up on my two feet..

“Counselling has taught me to love myself and stand up for myself. I gained a lot of self confidence… I cannot say I am completely healed, I think I still have a long way to go. But because of counselling I am able to stand up on my two feet and see the way ahead of me… Most importantly I have learnt to stay strong even when faced with the biggest problems.” 

April 21st, 2015 by Servis Kullanıcı, Kadın / 26

We wouldn’t able to provide the same quality of care without them

“I am writing to express our support and gratitude for the invaluable advocacy work provided by Derman. We currently benefit from 2 sessions of Derman advocacy time per week. It is hard to overstate the importance of this work in enabling us to provide high quality primary care to our Turkish and Kurdish population. Many of these patients had very difficult life experiences and manifest high levels of psychological distress. The contribution of an advocate who works with us over time and builds up relationship with the patients, the doctors and the practice staff, is irreplaceable.
We simply would not be able to provide the same quality of care without them. We would very strongly support the continued funding of Derman, to allow the continuation of this crucial work throughout City and Hackney primary Care.”

January 18th, 2015 by Mahalle Doktoru, Shoreditch Park Surgery

I am glad you are there to help…

“I am Turkish from Bulgaria. When I was no longer able to work due to my illnesses, I received help from Derman about benefits and homelessness. I am very pleased with your services. I am glad you are there to help.

September 20th, 2014 by Service User, Bulgarian Turk, Female / 54

The continuity in Derman’s advocacy service is essential

I think it is an essential service for patients and healthcare professionals. As a GP, it allows me to work closely with Turkish speaking patients and their families. The continuity in Derman’s service also means that I can work in partnership with advocates – using their knowledge and understanding of the culture and the community. I feel very lucky to have this service and hope that it continues.


August 29th, 2014 by GP, Queensbridge Group Practice, Hackney

Derman helped me to hang in there….

“I want to express this: If Derman had not helped me, I could not have found the strength and had the wish to overcome my difficulties. You helped me to hang in there. I feel like a baby, who has just started crawling. This service helps people when they are in crisis and the existence of this service is not only necessary but critical.

July 15th, 2014 by Service User, Female / 49

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