Derman helped me to stop gambling

This service in Derman helped me to stop gambling. I am able to talk about my difficulties with confidence that whatever I say in this room will stay in the therapy room. People say why go to counselling when you can share your problems with your friends. But it is disheartening when your friends go and tell other people what you told them in confidence. My journey to be able to cope with the gambling wasn’t easy.  First few weeks of starting counselling, I immediately stopped playing.  I thought giving up was not difficult. However, addiction came back and I started playing again which hit my confidence. But I kept coming to these sessions. Here I talk about the strategies that would help me to stay clear of gambling. I understand better my trigger points why I need to gamble in the first place. Two months ago, I stopped gambling completely. This is the first time I was able to pay all my credit card account. Just a few months ago I was hopeless. Now I even manage to save money.

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