Derman services are invaluable

“I have been working with Derman’s advocates for some time now and I find the service they provide invaluable. It is impossible for me, in the 10 minutes I have with each patient, to take on their case and help with the multitude of forms, signposting etc. that they need particularly when they don’t speak English. I find that many of my Turkish speaking patients they come to me as their GP because they don’t know where else to go and with social services cuts they are increasingly unlikely to find any support from that avenue. I know that Derman’s advocates/support workers will take on their case and help them to navigate the intricacies of a system that is difficult to navigate even if English is your first language.

We simply don’t have the resources within the practice to telephone people or fill in forms on behalf of our patients who don’t have English as a first language and therefore it is necessary to have Derman’s services such as Advocacy, Counselling, Advice and Community Navigation services available to us.

 I have also seen that many of my Turkish speaking patients their considerable Mental Ill Health burden is often, at least in part, secondary to their social and financial problems and if these are not resolved I have no hope of resolving their Mental Illness with tablets or even talking therapy. I therefore see the services Derman provide as being completely integral to the medical treatment of my patients.”

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