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I will always appreciate Derman’s support…

“I had a very difficult time this year because of domestic violence but I have sorted out my life and regain my confidence with support of a DV at Derman. I know Derman is a community organisation but I felt like they are part of my family. Whenever I contacted the DV worker, she made me feel welcome. She was very approachable and supportive when I needed it. I am currently studying teacher assistance and volunteering one day in my children’s school as a classroom assistant. I will always appreciate Derman’s support that helped me to achieve my goals.”

September 21st, 2013 by Servis Kullanıcı, Kadın / 26

We have been satisfied with the service

“We have been satisfied with the service Derman have provided this surgery and feel that having a Turkish Advocate is advantageous to providing Turkish patients more understanding during doctor/patient consultations, enabling them to communicate accurately any problems or queries they may have. The only difficulty we encounter is when the Advocate is on holiday you are unable to provide us with cover.”

October 10th, 2012 by Kingsmead Surgery, Hackney

Derman represents hope for the future for me

Before I was referred to Derman I had a lot of problems and felt like I lost my way in the dark… I can honestly say that it is due to Derman’s Mental Health Support Team’s support and help that I am still alive. They helped me with my correspondence with authorities which was always a great cause of anxiety. Derman represents hope for the future for me. I cannot thank them enough.”


September 25th, 2012 by Servis Kullanıcı, Erkek / 47

Derman services extremely important to reduce time…

Advocacy is essential in management of complex physical and psychosocial problems in this patients group. This is not adequately addressed by phone translation services when available. Increased availability of advocacy improve management of chronic disease and psychological issues. Also availability of advice and benefit services through Derman extremely important to reduce time spent inappropriately with clients.

August 20th, 2012 by Mahalle Doktoru, Well Street Surgery, Hackney

This service is very important

This service is very important. Too many people do not speak English and we prefer face to face service instead of telephone interpreting which is often used by GPs, but the interpreter on the phone does not understand us. Derman’s Bilingual Health Advocate gives information and advice and provide support as well as interpreting for us. They understand us and helps us to tell the doctor what we want.”

July 19th, 2012 by Servis Kullanıcı, Erkek / 57

Our feelings are like coloured beads

“Our feelings are like coloured beads. If you put them together within a design, they would look pleasant. During counselling, I learnt how to keep my feelings under control, whereas before they were all over the place.”

October 15th, 2011 by Servis Kullanıcı, Kadın / 36

Derman provides an important role…

“London Fields Medical Centre provides a weekly Turkish Clinic with Derman advocate of which I am part. I have worked closely with several Derman advocates for five years. I have been impressed with the advocates` range of medical knowledge and translation skill which allows the clinic to run smoothly and generally allows the patient’s concerns to be addressed. The atmosphere is pleasant and this encourages the patients to be open about their fears.

The advocates` knowledge of cultural differences can prevent misunderstandings and enable a more accurate assessment of their issues. The patients value the advocates` presence an often come specifically to see them outside of the clinic.I have also referred patient to Derman counselling and am happy with the service they receive.

Derman provides an important role to the Turkish speaking community in Hackney in addressing their healthcare needs and London Fields Medical Centre is happy to support the further commissioned service.”

September 27th, 2011 by GP, London Fields Medical Centre, Hackney

Thank You

“I would like to thank Derman for the services it is offering the Kurdish and Turkish communities in London. It is the first, largest and only service offering these very valuable services in the areas of mental health and well being to our communities.
Looking at it from a statutory sector point of view, it is a relief to have DERMAN when there are cultural and language barriers and the services offered by statutory agencies can sometimes be limited.”


December 9th, 2009 by Mental Health Social Worker/Lead Assessor, NHS

Derman should bring new ways of delivering the service

“This service helped me in the most difficult period of my life. In that period, I was misguided, misinformed and treated unfairly. Derman’s Advice Service defended my rights and appealed against the wrong decisions on my behalf, informed and guided me properly throughout the appeal process. I would like to thank them for providing a very valuable service. 

However, I think there is a gap in this service. Derman should bring new ways of delivering the service. Firstly, home visit can be introduced to fill the forms, provide information and make the applications at users’ home for people who are very ill. Secondly, there is a need for increased advice hours.”


November 21st, 0214 by Servis Kullanıcı, Erkek / 50

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