Counselling for Problem Gambling

Derman has started a partnership with GamCare since 2011 to help overcome gambling problem in Turkish, Kurdish, Turkish Cypriot and Eastern European Turkish communities.

Derman provides a community based culturally specific face to face counselling service for gamblers and their families. This service offers an opportunity to explore the causes of the gambling behaviour and the effects gambling have on people’s life.

Many people with gambling problem are not able to explain why they continue gambling even though they are aware of the harm it brings to their lives. The initial attraction for them may have been ‘money’. However, it is known that the money made in gambling is also lost in gambling.

In our experience many people use gambling as an opportunity to escape from other problems or pressures of their lives – problems a home or at work, boredom, loneliness or anxiety.

What we offer?

We offer counselling to people and their families who are affected by gambling problem. This service offers an opportunity to explore the causes of the gambling behaviour and the effects gambling have on people’s life.

Who can use our Counselling Service for Problem Gambling?

This is an adult (16 onwards) counseling service for Turkish speaking clients or clients of Turkish, Kurdish and Cypriot origin, who reside and/or are registered with a GP in London.

How to refer to us?

We accept referrals from professionals as well as self-referrals for this service.

Please click the link below to download Derman’s Counselling on Gambling Referral Form.
Referral Form

What happens after a client has been referred to us?

We aim to see Gambling clients within 2 weeks. Each client is sent an opt-in letter. Only clients who respond to opt-in letter are sent an assessment appointment. Following the assessment sessions the client is offered 6 or 12 sessions of individual counseling depending on her/his needs, each session lasting 50 minutes. If the client does not attend 2 consecutive appointments without informing us, she/he will be taken off the counseling list and the GP/she-he will be informed. Both after assessment and at the completion of counseling, following agreement with the client, the counsellor will provide a brief feedback to the GP.

Where we provide counselling sessions for problem gambling?

We provide counselling in several GP surgeries in the City and Hackney area as well as in Family Mosaic and Shoreditch Spa.

Our counsellors

Derman counselling team consists of experienced counsellors who have been trained in integrative and person centred approaches as well as specifically in counselling on gambling by the partnership organization GamCare.

Our counselors work within the parameters set by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and it Code of Ethics and receive regular professional supervision.

How to contact us?

If you would like to have further information about the counselling on gambling you can contact us on Tel: 020 7613 5944 or Tel/Fax: 020 7739 7893

Confidentiality and Data Protection

All those employed at Derman perform their duties within a framework of confidentiality. Personal information given to GPs, other professionals and staff by users will not be passed on to anyone outside of the service except where there is a legal requirement to do so i.e. where there are child protection issues or where there is threat of self-harm or harm to another individual.

Take a look at our “Your Personal Information and How It is Used” leaflet for more information on Confidentiality and Data Protection.

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