DERMAN makes a difference

Case Study

Ms A is a 38- year- old married Turkish woman with 4 children

She was referred to Derman by her GP for her depression and long-term bereavement. She lost a baby a few years ago. She was very impatient towards her husband and her social contacts.

After she lost her baby within a few days of birth most of the people around her kept telling her “get over it.” She never had a time to grieve. Therapy opened up a safe and contained space for her to be herself and talk about her, deep down, sorrow over her loss. In therapy, she also made a connection with this loss and the other losses she experienced since early childhood. We also worked on relationship issues with her husband.

During therapy, she became more assertive in her relationship with her husband by increasing her self- confidence. She managed to create a safe boundary between their own family affairs and the ever involving in law’s interference.

Achieved outcomes:

  • She accepted her pain resulting from her loss will be life time. However, it doesn’t have to be incapacitating; therefore, she can make better emotional connection with her other children and people around her.
  • Her self-confidence and belief started getting better. She made plans for going back to education. She is planning to work.When asked how Derman’s Mental Health Service contributed to her life, she said:
    ” I feel valued and valuable”.

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