We are a specialised Mental Health service offering a bilingual and culturally sensitive counselling to the Kurdish, Turkish, Turkish Cypriot and Eastern European Turkish immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees, mainly, in Hackney-London whose understanding and expression of emotional distress is addressed within the context of their own cultural background. The problems are of social, physical and psychological nature. Our counsellors are attuned to the effects of immigration and exile on an individual. We recognise the difficulties of cultural isolation, confusion and its impact on the presentation of illness.

Some examples of the referral types we take on are:
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Suicidal thinking
• Bereavement
• Psychosomatic illness
• Relationship problems
• Psychosexual problems
• Problems related to being a refugee or asylum seeker…

Talk Enables Change. Counselling is a space to talk and think about your problems with someone skilled and interested in listening; a place to explore thoughts and feelings about yourself and your relationships with others.

At Derman we offer:

1:1 Therapy
Counselling is a space to talk and think about your problems with someone skilled and trained to help you deal with your negative feelings. It is a place to explore thoughts and feelings about yourself and your relationships with others. Counselling can help you understand yourself better and allow you to see what may have been stopping you from fulfilling your potential in life.

Group Counselling  
Counselling offered in a group environment can have many benefits. It offers a support network and provides the opportunity to meet others experiencing similar concerns. Together with the therapist and the other group members you’ll be encouraged to talk about your experience with other people who have had similar experiences. This can help you with feeling less alone and isolated, and also assist with gradually gaining confidence and building your self-esteem.

Derman provide Counselling through three main projects. Click the links below for referrals and more information.
The Well Being Network,
IAPT Talking Therapies,
Gambling Counselling

Our counsellors
Derman counselling team consists of experienced counsellors who have been trained in integrative and person centred approaches. Our counsellors work within the parameters set by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and its Ethical Framework and receive regular professional supervision.

Where we provide Counselling sessions?
We provide our Counselling sessions in various GP surgeries in Hackney-London as well as at Derman.

Please note:
Our premises is not disabled accessible – please let us know if you or your client cannot manage stairs and we will arrange to see you at an alternative venue if possible.

A Note on Confidentiality

All those employed at Derman perform their duties within a framework of confidentiality. Personal information given to GPs, other professionals and staff by users will not be passed on to anyone outside of the service without the individual’s consent. The only exceptions to this policy are where it is reasonably believed that the health and safety of an individual(s) is at risk and/or where we are legally obliged to disclose material, i.e. in the case of child protection and drug trafficking. Every effort is made to discuss this with the client beforehand.

If you would like to have further information about our Mental Health Recovery Support Service, please  contact us.